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Monday, June 09, 2008

My Euro08 Group A Opening Analysis

Almost everyone have the latest news of the Euro08 though papers, radio, television and friends thus I will have My Own Euro08 Analysis !

Group A

Final Score : Host Switzerland 0-1 Czech Republic

All the Tipsters in The New Paper predicted either a draw or a swiss win if you have last Saturday 7 June Paper you will have notice it.,4136,166852-1212962340,00.html,4136,166849-1212962340,00.html

Group A Analysis

1st Half
Swiss is the better side in the first half and created more genuine chances and have more shots on target then the half chances Czech created in the first half.But thanks to one of the world best goalkeeper of the world Petr Cech was able to save everything that try to get into his precious cage ! I mean goal.....and that does not please the Swiss fans nor players either as they have some really goal scoring opportunity only to be denied by Cech.And Number 9 Young and talented Swiss Captain Alexander Frei sub off just before half time that is a big psychological blow to the Swiss as they needed quality strikers upfront.

2nd Half
The Tide has been turn and Czech possession football is finally working and the brave decision to take off their always reliable Top goalscorer Jan Koller early in the 56th minutes for the famous number 10 shirt worn Arsenal Thomas Rosicky and currently worn by Vaclav Sverkos the new Czech goalscoring hero who won the match for Czech Republic against the Host Swiss.This brave and early Substitution has really pay dividend as Jan Koller is slow and his main job is act as target man which is clearly not working and bringing on the Pacy Vaclav Sverkos to pounce on the tired Swiss defence and all he needed was one golden opportunity which he took it beautifully into the bottom right corner Sweet ! After that it was 10 man attack against 10 man defence with Swiss as the attacking side and 2 hand ball shout which is cruelly turn away by the ref and one of them is in the penalty and it did hit the hand of the Czech defender Ujfanlusi but the ref wave away the complaints and finally the 90 minutes whistle Beep*beep*Beep* It Is all Over Czech won Swiss off to a bad start and look set to be out of the competition in the group stages.

Conclusion : Home Advantage is important but football skills and tatics and injuries are the most important to conclude who is more likely to be the winner of the match

Final Score : Portugal 2-0 Turkey

1st Half
It was 50-50 as both side have chances to score but fail to do so and Turkey look strong defensively in the first half and able to threaten the Portugal goal with a few half chances.Pepe header from a free kick resulted in a goal but he was clearly offside when the cross was made thus pepe celebration was cut short and held his hand with both hand in despair and disappoint as he couldn't beileve that he was offisde and that was his first goal for the country and possibly the winner goal.

2nd Half
Portugal dominated proceedings and the 1st goal of the match soon follow.It all started with a pass from Ronaldo to Pepe and Pepe bring the ball forward and pass to Gomez and Pepe continue his run into the box and Gomez swiftly and accurately pass the ball into Pepe path and Pepe lob the ball over the keeper classy finish that even his teamate Gomez will be proud of.Turkey went Gung-Ho but fail to trouble Portugal much.2nd goal came in the last injury time 93rd minutes when Ronaldo pass the ball to Jose Moutinho and he made a sweet turn which fool 2 defenders and most important the out rushing keeper and all 3 was stun before moutinho clamly pass the ball to Raul Meireles who tap his 1st goal for the country in close range @ the edge of the penalty box into the net.

Conclusion : Turkey effectively block out the attacks on the wings by Ronaldo, Simao and Quaresma but they forgot that goals are not only score from the wings and that Portugal have good center attacking players namely Nuno Gomez and Jose Moutinho which was involve in both of the goals.A heavy price to pay overestimating the portugal wing play.

Group A Winners Predictions for now - Czech Republic
Group A Runner-up Predictions for now - Portugal

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