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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Latest Chelsea News

Scolari to take over @ Chelsea is confirmed but he has yet to put pen on paper as he is concentrating on Euro08 Competition but seriously I don't really like him and unsure what style of football he play.If Chelsea had appoint Frank Rijkaard or Roberto Mancini I will be more optimistic and looking forward to a brand new season ! yet other coach that I dislike come and manage chelsea who know if he will involve in a fight with Ferguson or Wenger or Even Benitez ! And he join chelsea because of money what a reason to manage chelsea I don't think we can have much success under a manager who join us because of that !

Chelsea Latest Away Kit(all Black) and Away GK Kit and the 1st team GK kit "Warning"
don't like the latest away kit hope that the 3rd away will be much better.