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Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Euro08 Group C Day 3 Analysis

Group C Analysis

Final Score : Romania 0 - 0 France

Boring, Boring France and toothless Romania has effectively wasted 2 hours of my life watching them playing negative slow tempo football.The Only Spark for France is Malouda, Anelka, Ribery And Benzema.I thought Toulalan put in a poor performance and the coach should have sub him off and I am even more mystify by the decision to sub off 2 dangerous goal scoring threat Anelka and Benzema.I thought he should have sub on attacking left back Evra for Abial And Henry for Toulalan instead since Romania rarely get to even attack and that the French are seeking for a winning goal.Organisation in defence and tatical discipline of the players especially attacking players who help to track back alot has earn the underdog a well deserve draw.Romania will be keen to do the same against the Majestic Italian and Total Football Dutch or even steal a winner against one of them.

Conclusion : France must play attacking full back Evra and replace Toulalan with a better midfielder like Samir Nasri or Vieria or Diarra in order to have better chances of scoring goals.Romania is keen to prove the world wrong as they seek to not to lose any matches while sneaking a win out of the last 2 qualifying matches.

Final Score : Netherlands 0 - 0 Italy

Unlucky Italians to concede a goal that is not suppose to be allow as Van The Man Ruud should have been ruled offside and the goal should have been disallowed ! The game has become a forgone conclusion as soon as the 2nd goal went in what was the Italian defence doing ?! Leaving Wesley Sneijder completely unmarked in the box and Sneijder couldn’t beileve his luck just like Van Nistelrooy earlier on.Seems like Lady Luck is shining on the Dutch today and they are bound to go through to the quarter-finals now while the Italians set to have an early bath out of Euro08 Championship

Conclusion - Italy one step away from being out of Euro08 they must beat or draw Romania if they draw then a victory against France is a must.

Group C Winners - Netherlands

Group C Runner-up - France

Jackson Ng Ghim Pheng True Blue Chelsea And Italy Fan