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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Euro08 Group A and B and C 5th and 6th and 7th day Analysis

Group A - Final Score : Czech Republic 1 - 3 Portugal

Czech defence look lost in the 2nd half even though they play relatively okay in the first half but still concede through a silly mistake.Baros look good in the first half but fade away in the 2nd and Portugal Deco is instructmental in almost every attack and hold up the ball well a great example of a playmaker but sometimes he hold up the ball too long and try abit too much on his own but great performance by him anyway.C.ronaldo as always pop up with the goals he has become a goal machine this year simply unstoppable.

Group A - Final Score : Switzerland 1 - 2 Turkey

Thought the co-host is rather unlucky to lose after taking the lead never watch the match as I don't enjoy any of the 2 above !

Group A Conclusion - Portugal 1st confirmed and likely to face Germany a True Test whether they are contender or just a pretender and I predict Czech will be runners up and they are to face Croatia and I beileve this will go into extra time to decide things if Turkey go through which is unlikely I will be backing Croatia to finish them off for sure !

Group B - Final Score : Croatia 2 - 1 Germany

This match has effectively help bookies to get one over punters as many bought Germany victory or at most a draw only few would go with Croatia in this match.Croatia donminated the first half but Germany try to bite back in the 2nd but fail to do so ! But Lukas Polodski has yet put in another good performance scoring yet other goal all 3 goals by Germany came from him and he might be out of the last deciding qualifying match for the quarter-finals against Austria that is going to be a bad news for Germany against the Co-host.

Group B - Final Score : Austria 1 - 1 Poland
Don't even bother watching this match like the one in group A ! but Co-Host Austria bless by lady luck got an equaliser through penalty in the last minute of the match ! Those who bought Poland must be crying while those who bought Draw is laughing happilly all the way back home.

Group B Conclusion - Croatia Surprisingly will be the winner of the group facing either Czech or Turkey while Germany very likely to finish 2nd will face Portugal and I am backing Germany to win as I beileve they are one of the true contender for the Euro08 Cup.

Group C - Final Score : Italy 1 - 1 Romania
Never watch the match as I need to sleep early to train my football skills early in the next morning and after seeing Italy "Crappy" line-up decided not to watch but wondering what is Romania doing conceding a goal 1 minute after they had just score they must be left cursing their luck for sure if they are in the quarter-finals ! While World Cup Champions Italy must win to ensure qualifying a draw might not be enough as Romania is likely to put out a very negative lineup against Holland after seeing the Dutch Master Class against 2 Big Powerhouse Italy And France.

Group C - Final Score : Netherlands 4 - 1 France
I am already asleep when this match is undergoing got shock when I saw the result ! This surely have to be a sign that Holland is the best team in the competition so far ! Trashing of Italy and France certainly make a big statement on this competition.
Group C Conclusion - Netherlands top place finish confirmed and likely to face Sweden which I think it will be an easy game for them since they trash both Italy And France will back them for sure while Frace / Italy / Romania to face Spain and Spain will face a very tough test against any of them and I am backing the Group of Death Runner-up to get one over Spain.
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r1ooooo said...

Yeah.. Donadoni sucks.. I couldn't believe a world champions played like that.. My fav team is england but they failed to qualify, so this time i will support spain. They are the most entertaining team so far.