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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My Euro08 Group B Day 2 Analysis

Final Score : Austria 0 - 1 Croatia

Group B Analysis

1st Half

As expected Croatia boss the opening stages of the game and in the 3rd minute Olic on the left break into the box and a clumsy tackle from Aufhauser takes him out and it's a penalty! Pogatetz went ranting and whining @ the ref and got booked for his effectiveless protests.Luka Modric - Croatia's Star Player and set to join Tottenham in an £16 million deal after the Euros to take the penalty and he strokes it straight down the middle for 1st goal of the game and potentially the winner for Croatia.Modric on the right with the free-kick... it's a dipping, near-post delivery and Olic dives in and it trickles just wide of the far post! Don't think he got a touch, but Pogatetz seemed to be all over him! and that should have been yet other penalty for Croatia fortunately it didn't cost Croatia in the end.Croatia slightly donminated the first half and look set to score other to seal the game.

2nd Half

Austria started to turn on the tide and dance to the music as they launch attack after attack for the vital equalising goal and for the nation pride and fans who is in cheering them on ! Austria continue to push men forward in seek of the equaliser goal.Austria with a free-kick just outside the area on the left.Vastic to cross it in... but he tries a shot which Pletikosa can only punch away and the rebound is hammered over ! Austria us really having a go now as they start yet another attack from Austria, the ball is played to the edge of the box and VASTIC FLIES IN WITH THE HEADER but kept out by Pletikosa despite the fumble! Austria pounding Croatia in waves.Korkmaz with a shot from the edge of the box but spectacularly tipped away by Pletikosa ! Last chance for Austria who have a free-kick just to the left... everyone goes forward, Ivanschitz swings it over AND A BRILLIANT FLICKED HEADER FROM KIENAST FLIES AGONISINGLY WIDE! What a great set-piece improvisation.Austria really deserve at least a point here.

Conclusion : The Better Team don't always win as Croatia did not deserve the victory as they have look the poorer side overall while the Austria despite rank 92th has done very well just lack abit of luck and the finishing touch in front of goal or else they would have drawn the game easily.Looking forward to see how Austria play against Poland in the next match a likely 1 - 1 draw is on the cards.

Final Score : Germany 2 - 0 Poland

1st Half

Germany Started with a 4-4-2 With Red Hot Mario Gomez And Ever Reliable Regular Goalscorer Klose started upfront look a formidable pair upfront with Lukas Podolski started out on the Left Flank.All Eyes are On these 3 players and I was especially taking a close look @ Podolski from the start as he has always been a big match player as shown in the last World Cup and he impress me alot and definetly one to watch out for and potential golden boot winner as well.

A through ball to Klose and he is clear through on goal after the Poles defenders stepped up to play Gomez offside, he must score but he choose to squares it for some reason and it's well ahead of Gomez who cannot poke it home! It wouldn't have counted anyway as Gomez had become active, but why on earth didn't Klose score himself ? Bizarre ! Wrong decision making ! which Germany is not make to pay for later.Germany Again spring the offside trap as Gomez slides an excellent ball through to Klose who is through and must score but he squares it again AND THIS TIME THERE IS NO MISTAKE WITH THE PASS FOR PODOLSKI TO SCORE! 1-0 to Germany, the Polish-born duo refuse to celebrate which I think it is respectful.Germany dominated the first half and scoring an important opening goal and is looking likely to score another to seal the game off.

2nd half

Frings slides it to Lahm on the right wing, he pings it low to Ballack just inside the area with a rocket into the top right hand corner but only to deny by a brilliant save by Boruc ! Great stop by the Number 1 Celtic Keeper to tip it over for a Corner.Germany attack again, one-two with Frings and Ballack, the ball is played through and Poland defenders caught napping, Golanski mis-controls and allows Schweinsteiger on the right is free and he slips it to KLOSE who tries a shot but totally mis-hits it AND IT DROPS TO PODOLSKI WHO PUTS HIS BOOT THROUGH IT FOR 2-0! That's it, former Pole Podolski has a brace. A muted celebration from the Bayern Munich Striker again. Comfortable 2 - 0 win for Germany in the end, the pre-tournament favourites get off to a flyer !
Conclusion : It was never in doubt that Germany will win this opening match and they will now go on to finish as Group B Winner and my prediction is that they will be in the finals this year.

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