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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My Euro08 Betting Guide

Winnings So Far :

I have won in the opening match backing Czech Republic on 1x2 with a bet of $150 and won $380.50 a cool profit of $230.50

Losings So Far : None

SPAIN vs RUSSIA*** Betting Preview Home - 75%, Draw - 20%, Away - 5%

Go for a Spain win can try Draw - Away or 1 - 0 Scoreline.

Remark*** : I have place a bet of $10 on 1 - 0 Spain Win.For Safe bet just go for a Spain Win On 1x2.

GREECE vs SWEDEN Betting Preview Home - 25%, Draw - 40%, Away - 35%

Most likely a draw but could go either way.

Remark : Not betting in this match as it is too risky any results are possible if you have to then a draw should be the logical choice.

CZECH REPUBLIC vs PORTUGAL Betting Preview Home - 25%, Draw 45%, Away - 30%

Portugal is favourites but they have not been far from convincing and Czech Republic with lady luck shining on their side with One of the World Best Goalkeeper In Europe I don't think Portugal will have an easy ride though they are favourites in this match.

Remark : Not betting once again as it is too risky wanted to put on draw but decided not to.Backing Portugal in this match is not a wise choice even though they are favourites to win this match that all I can advice you.

SWITZERLAND vs TURKEY Betting Preview Home - 25%, Draw - 35%, Away - 40%

Swiss With Home Advantage is not expected to lose 2 matches in a row thus the odds are favouring the Swiss side but Turkey is the stronger team despite the disadvantage of playing away.

Remark : Not Betting.Draw or Away win on the cards.

CROATIA vs GERMANY*** Betting Preview Home - 10%, Draw 25%, Away - 65%

Germany with Stunning form and high tempo together with high stamina with excellent tatical organisation while the Croatia look exactly the opposite thus Tournament Favourites German Win Is Beckoning.

Remark*** : I have place a bet Germany HT-FT Draw-Away $10. For Safe Bet just put Germany On 1x2.

AUSTRIA vs POLAND*** Betting Preview Home - 30%, Draw 45%, Poland - 25%

Austria despite being Ranked 92th by FIFA but they was the better side in their first match against Croatia and has been hugely impress by them after watching them play with hardwork and determination for the pride of the nation as well as the supporting home fans.

Remark*** : I have place a bet on Austria Home-Draw $5.For Safe Bet just put on a draw.

Note : I have put on my Remark the matches that I have place my bets on and those that I haven't.Those matches that I have place bets on will be marked by 3 Asterisk *** for easy viewing purpose.I do not encourage bettings and bet leisurely now as I have suffer huge losses in the past as well.Every gambler that I know of has lost more than they win and those who are keen to shake off the adiction of betting please refer below and for all All Addictions Helpline: 6-RECOVER (67326837)

Disclaimer : All of the Above Betting Previews are to be use as a Guide only and as I am not a football god (If I am I will be rich already) so if you lose your bet through my guide please don't blame me as the above are only to be use a guide.

Be A Winner ! Play Responsibly !

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All Addictions Helpline: 6-RECOVER (67326837)

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