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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sam Allardyce - Next Manager To Go ?

Drawing With Derby @ Home - A disastrous result for a team like Newcastle as Derby Lost To Every Team In BPL Away From Home Except Fulham which they draw 0 - 0 And Derby Also Defeated Newcastle 1 - 0 @ home Earlier This season.

A Defeat Against Wigan Away From Home - Other Bad Result For Newcastle as Wigan is in the Relegation Zone.

Lost To Chelsea Away From Home - It was an Inevitable result as they allow SWP to have so much space and time on the right flank as chelsea created numberous chances on the right flank.

Defeats and Draw Against Relegation Candidates are undesirable for any teams and if Newcastle Lose To Man City in The Next Game it could jolly well spell the end for Sam Allardyce.

By Jackson Ng Ghim Pheng