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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Cristiano Ronaldo On Fire This Season

Cristiano Ronaldo even though i don't like his diving cheating antics but he has become a better player this season.His heading ability has improved and his willingness to pass the ball more and doing less meaningless tricks has help him score more goals this season.

With 9 Apperances 8 goals in the Premier League And 5 Appearances 5 goals and 1 Assist In The Champions League that total up to 15 Appearances 13 Goals and 1 Assist.

He has been tremendous this season and has not won any penalties by diving yet

but i hate his goal celebration when he scored the free kick against sporting lisbon(his former club) recently the arrogant (no big deal) celebration.Ibrahimovic did a similar one in UCL but not against his former club.


Anonymous said...

The celebration was done at home at OT you cunt! Who are you to tell him how to celebrate? Even your rants in the Stomp video is worse! Haha!