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Friday, December 07, 2007

5 Main Reasons Why Arsenal Draw Newcastle ?

1. Adebayor Selfishness - he could have easily slip the a through ball to his strike partner Eduardo and he will be through on goal 1 on 1 with the keeper and kill the game 2 - 0 in early first half around 18 minutes.

2.Eduardo Poor Defending ability - He Pass the ball to the oppoenent instead of clearing the ball out for a throw in.

3.Rosicky Mix Up With Adebayor - Personally i felt that Adebayor is right he was not offside even if Rosicky pass the ball to him.What Rosicky did he stop and waited for Adebayor to be onside when he could have pass the ball straight to Adebayor or even rush towards goal himself.

4.Gilberto Lack Of Match Practise - he is total nonsense that day he keep losing the ball and reluctant to pass the ball early has make himself look like an amatuer footballer.

5.Newcastle Domination In Midfield In the 2nd half - Newcastle keep pressing the midfield area and often left 3 players @ the back and that pay off as Arsenal could not punish them with the golden opportunity created.