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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Capello First Move - England Stars To Be Self-Discpline

England boss Fabio Capello is introducing a new policy for his pampered Three Lions stars.
The People says the way superstars like skipper John Terry, David Beckham, Frank Lampard, Wayne Rooney, Steven Gerrard and Rio Ferdinand behave on and off the pitch forms a key plank of the strategy co-devised by new boss Capello and Soho Square chiefs.

Senior FA figures believe player power has increased to unacceptable levels over the last five years. And they are ready to redress the balance with the help of straight-talking Capello, who has built a reputation as a tough disciplinarian.

The new code of conduct will include:
Players being RESPONSIBLE for their own passports, documentation and accreditation at tournaments;

Players CARRYING their own bags;
A CURB on the extravagant personal and group leisure facilities laid on for players at tournament hotels;

A new SOCIAL CODE which will NOT involve WAGs or children at tournaments;

A fresh look at the FINANCIAL REWARDS given to players on England duty. The moves are part of a radical shake-up of the whole Team England system, designed to restore reality and normality into a situation some believe has spiralled out of control.


Anonymous said...

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