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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

BPL Super Sunday : Chelsea Vs Liverpool Preview

Chelsea team tatics I expect them To play 4-3-3 as usual and pressurize Liverpool high up the field and force them to play long ball thus losing possession of the ball and press on for the winning goal.

Liverpool Team Tatics I expect them to play a packed and crowded midfield 4-5-1 formation as they seek to limit Chelsea short passing game in the midfield area and make them lose possession and quick counter whenever possible.

Key Battles

Carvalho Vs Torres El Nino
Carvalho will be in charge to man mark the Key Liverpool Striker As Torres seek the winning goal for Liverpool.

Anelka Vs Carragher

Anelka will seek to break Liverpool Zonal Defending with Carragher as the Main Strength in The Reds Defence.

Makelele Vs Gerrard

Gerrard well known for his playmaking and energetic runs in midfield will experience a tough time with experience Makelele who seek to cut out Liverpool attack and start a quick counter attack for Chelsea.

Ballack Vs Mascherano

The Towering Midfield playmaker will be spraying passes down the Flanks for Malouda And Joe Cole while Mascherano seek to keep Ballack quiet in the match thus restricting Chelsea attacking play.

Prediction : Chelsea 1 - 0 Liverpool

By : Jackson Ng Ghim Pheng