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Friday, April 04, 2008

30 March 2008 Kismis United - KING OF THE COURTS 2008 @ NUS - The Aftermath!

Kismis United - King Of The Court 2008 @ NUS Report


Okay now to the tournament we paid 10 each total of $70 for the tournament and no goodie bag, no official ref,not allow to take fixture list and rules and regulations and 2 Team in a single court while other teams have the benifit of having 1 team in a court at the sports and recreational center.We even had to suffer under the bright hot sun for 3 hours+ total of waiting time for our 4 matches.The non-official ref didn't really care about physical challanges and in the end finally resulted in a fight between 2 teams at the court which is partly the non-official ref fault as well as the organisers.Reducing the court size has directly contribute to more physical challanges as well.

First Match - 1st Half

My 1st tournament as a keeper and my first test was to face the strongest team in our group.We started with the 3 @ the back and 1 upfront tatics.Tackles were flying in from the first half and Alvin got the most challanges and the ref don't even bother to whistle and slightly siding with the opponent for obvious reason which i won't state in this blog.Made a great save in the first half according to Alvin as the shot from opponent is dropping in the top right corner of the goalpost.Both teams have not much chances in the 1st half and ended 0-0 at half-time.

First Match - 2nd Half

Switch over kick off the Opponent with a shot that goes wide.There come the turn of misfortunate event when MS made an error pass during the corner straight towards the opponent feet and the opponent quickly break away and soon it is 1 on 1 with me and I dive to the right which I am almost sure that i would saved the shot but unfortunately I was wrong he send me the wrong direction and shoot left.I turned my head and saw the ball in the back of the net i felt really dissapointed as we should not concede a goal considering the limited chances our opponent had made in that match.We went offensive but to no avail as the opponent defence is strong and the final whistle is up and the game Ended 1 - 0 Lost much our the team dismay.

2nd Match - 1st Half

Okay getting over the misery of losing to the strongest team in the group we had to win or draw to have a good chance of qualifying to the quarter-finals of The King Of The Courts.Same formation as the first match we started off brightly as a kismis corner came in and Neo completely unmarked connecting with the ball but sent it just wide of the target ! A golden opportunity to take the lead which we wasted.This miss chance has help our Opponent to Wake Up their Idea which they exactly did as they take the lead with excellent attacking play opening up our right flank and Opponent strong and accurate shot towards the near post made me hardly had any time to react a mistake from my part as I should not concede at the near post but the shot was very powerful and accurate just into the gap between me and the post which i couldn't beileve it that I conceded in such a manner.

2nd Match - 2nd Half

Subs came in and we go offensive and put pressure on the opponent but fail to apply the finishing touch towards the stubborn defence of the opponent.The Opponent had a free kick and the shot was not powerful but on target ! Amazingly I tot the free kick is indirect when it is not and let the shot past me thinking that it will be our ball but it wasn't to be.I promise myself next time try to save any balls indirect or direct towards my goal.3rd goal came soon after as our team lost the will to fight. The match ended 3-0 Lost in a match full of mistakes by me.

3rd Match - 1st Half

We must win this to keep our hopes alive in the quarter-finals, a draw or lost will means that we will be out of the tournament for sure with a meaningless game to go if we do not win this one. Excellent corner again found Unmarked yong siang and he too similar to Neo connected to the shot but went narrowly wide and we are gutted to miss such a great chance.We continue to slighty dominate the match thruout the first half trying a few long shots towards goal but not on target !

3rd Match - 2nd Half

Subs came in and we try going more offensive and we totally dominated and we have 3 or 4 half chances our long shots were either inaccurate or straight towards the keeper.A furstrating 0 - 0 draw really especially when we dominated the 2nd half of the match but fail to convert any chances into a vital goal.A Clean Sheet for me which obviously i am happy with but not with the result as I think we should have won.

4th Match - 1st Half

A totally meaningless match really in the context of the tournament but who cares ? Let just enjoy the last 12 minutes of the tournament and get on with life ! Finally the "SuperStar Entrance" of the so called "Star Goalkeeper" to play as a striker which is my usual position in futsal.2 Strikers were on this time Me and Neo as we seek to score our first goal of the tournament and we were determined to break the duck and win the match for our pride as this team is the weakest in the group and we saw them as a chance to win our first game of this tournament. We dominted the 1st half right from the start as the Opponent kick off.We pressure high up the court which inturn resulted in our kick-ins due to their bad passing as well as bad ball control.I had a golden chance 1 on 1 with the keeper but I too much time to control the ball when i could have just shoot towards goal or slip it sideways to MS to score what a glorious chance wasted by me.But I didn't give up and continue to pressure the defence and almost got my reward as the defender fail to control the ball from the keeper properly and I then took control of the ball and back pass it to Neo which just missed the target.MS and Neo shot goes way of the target.2 Corner came in taken by me towards Daniel narrowly wide out of the target both attempts.

4th Match - 2nd Half

Started off with a great bang I set up Neo for a shot at the halfway line which goes narrowly out of the target that make the keeper scramble towards his right.Me And Daniel counter attacking great ball from the defence towards daniel and I was beside him completely unmarked but he choose to take on the shot goes flying high out of the target completely.Then I started pressing alone upfront and the keeper did not dare to pass the ball defender as he know that his defenders ball control is not good and that my high speed pressurzing "Defending From The Front" is working effectively as he keep kick the ball high and far to our goal kick giving possession straight back to us and invited more pressure to his team.But somehow mysteriously we conceded a goal despite dominated as an error from our player losing possession at the half way line then a good thru wall to the striker and a good finish by the striker.

We did not have any intention to give up as we were very very determined not to lose and also to score @ least a goal in this tournament which our team is seeking all day.Neo Set up a shot for me and my powerful shot just off target very dissapointing.Again Neo tackle and got possession of the ball @ the midway line and slip an excellent through ball to me to finish one on one with the keeper !!!! My shot towards the far post was SAVED unbeileveable for me really as I tot I took on the right option but fail to score !! My shot was on target !!

Beep* Beep* Beep* There goes the final whistle and we Lost the match 1 - 0 against the weakest team of the group.A disastrous result for us really as we dominated the match from start to finish. Our finishing has let us down and I also think we played the wrong formation but anyway there is many room for improvement as a team and as a player for everyone.We will trian hard and look forward towards the next futsal tournament that come our way and try our best to achieve better results in the next tournament.

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Author- Jackson Ng Ghim Pheng