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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Worst Chelsea XI

Worst Chelsea XI:
Goalkeeper: Frode GrodasHad
a name like a hobbit and played like one. Even stuggled to make the Spurs team when we sold him.

Right Back: Gareth Hall
Truly useless. Went to Sunderland and my mate Dave (who is a Sunderland fan) always held me personally responsible for every mistake he made there.

Left Back: Scott Minto
I think he has already made the worst West Ham XI and I guess any Benfica fan would put him in their worst XI too.

Centre-Back: Winston Bogarde
One minute our players were told to attack him as Barcelona's weakest link - the next we signed him and stuck him the reserves on 40 grand a week!

Centre-Back: Frank Sinclair
A bit harsh as Frank always gave his all but his eye for an own goal and knack for giving away crucial penalties gets him in.

Midfield: David Hopkin
Couldn't pass, shoot or stand up. Seemed to improve a bit after we sold him which happened with alarming regularity in those days.

Midfield: Sasa Jokanovic
Came on as sub and got booked a lot for nothing. It was the only way you could tell the Joke was on the pitch.

Right Midfield: Mark Nicholls
A token failed 'Hot Prospect' from the days of Paul Hughes, Andy Myers etc.

Left Wing: Gabriele Ambrosetti
Labelled as the 'Italian Ryan Giggs'. Turned out to be the Italian Lee Sharpe

Forward: Robert Fleck
Great at Norwich but terrible at Chelsea, his awful (non) goalscoring record just edges out Paul Furlong, who was crap but at least managed the occasional goal.

Forward: Tony Cascarino
Another awful signing who couldn't even score in Scotland for Celtic. The t-shirts say it all!


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