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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Nicolas Anelka And Branislav Ivanovic To The Rescue

Nicolas Anelka is a much complete Striker compare to Slow and non-dribbling Pizzaro too reliance on teamate back passing the ball most of the time and Off-Form Sheva look out of sort even though he is once a excellent Striker but not anymore.Excellent Signing Despite The Price Tag Just What Chelsea Needed.He will make an impact in Chelsea FC and will help us Win some Trophies this season.

Branislav Ivanovic I don't know much about him just heard that he is a very good defender that can play anywhere in defence.Right back is where we seriously need cover as we only got 1 good right back Belleti.Hope He can take over Belleti Role next time when he turn old As I don't Trust Paulo Ferreria @ all to be honest he is just a blur king that run down the field up and down without thinking and his defence ability is average and same goes for his attacking ability.

Belleti have a great strike and defend ability is good and attacking ability is excellent as he provide great support and cross the ball very well and striker the ball superbly.Great Asset to Chelsea for sure.