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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

KaKa Saga Aftermath

Milan President Silvio Berlusconi Cancels Kaka Deal At Last Minute

It was all settled: Kaka was joining Man City. Then Berlusconi stepped in at the last minute, and incredibly called off the deal...

Milan President Silvio Berlusconi Cancels Kaka Deal At Last Minute
Following one of the most astonishing turnarounds in transfer history, Kaka's move to Manchester City has now officially fallen through.

It was reported on SKY Italia at just past 2230 CET that Milan and Manchester City had agreed a fee, and that a transfer was almost certain, with only Kaka's signature required to complete the deal.

However, in an incredible turnaround, Milan President Silvio Berlusconi stepped in to call off the deal, claiming Kaka is "unsellable" and "will be staying at Milan."

Crunch talks were held this evening in Milan between Bosco Leite - Kaka's father and agent - as well as City chief executive Garry Cook and Milan officials.

There were rumours that Kaka would be announced as a City player in the morning. The 26-year-old was escorted by police from his house this evening, shortly after he was seen holding aloft a Rossoneri shirt and applauding protesting fans.

Berlusconi has now appeared live on SKY Italia and declared: "I am very happy.

"Kaka is not only a great player on the pitch, he is also a very honourable man.

"Not only is money not everything to him, he is happy to stay at Milan with all his friends.

"He is touched with everything he has received from all the fans in Milan who pleaded him to stay.

"Kaka has never held Milan to ransom by trying to up his own contract while considering Manchester City's offer.

"He hasn't asked for an extra penny to stay here - he is a very honourable man.

"What has happened over the last week with Man City proves that money is not everything in football.

"Milan told Kaka about the offer of Man City, just like we did with Sheva [Andriy Shevchenko] about Chelsea.

"The offer Kaka received was substantially more, but he never held Milan to ransom, and chose to stay.

"Me personally, as a football fan, I am very, very happy

"He's very strong spiritually. Underneath his shirt, he wears 'I belong to Jesus' so he's very spiritual.

"He is an extraordinary boy."

Manchester City have just issued their own take on the events, and they claim that it was them, and not Berlusconi, who called off the deal.

Kaka: I Belong To Milan

The Brazilian superstar has declared that he was never going to leave the club, despite reports suggesting he was close to an exit.

Late last night, Milan president, Silvio Berlusconi, confirmed that the club’s star man, Kaka, would be staying put in the fashion capital, after calling off the Brazilian’s reported deal to Manchester City at the very last moment.

The Rossoneri supremo deemed that a player of his stature was “unsellable”, and just like that, Kaka’s move to Eastlands was over, following weeks and weeks of speculation and high drama.

For the first time since the announcement, the Brazilian spoke to Milan Channel, to give his thoughts on what recently took place.

"Not even for thirty seconds did I think about leaving," he stated.

“I never wanted money or anything. I am doing very well in a place where people respect and love me, and I am therefore happy to be here.

“My family has been very good to me as always, however I had no doubts as to what I would be doing this time around.

“I went with my heart, as it was never going to be an economic choice for me.

“At Milan there are wonderful people, and just to confirm, I have never, and will never, ask for an increase in my wages at this club.

“Everyone here is very good to me, and for this I can only thank them,” he added.

“I will be celebrating at home with a couple of friends now that this is all over, and I’m just looking ahead to moving forward with Milan.

“I am a strong believer in God; however it is not always the most logical path that God chooses for us.

“If the club had accepted an offer, I would have been very upset and disappointing in leaving.

“My companions have been exceptional to me as well over this time, even though they knew that I was never going to join Manchester City.

“I would like to embrace all those who have sent me messages recently, so thank you all very much,” he concluded.

It’s back to business for Kaka and Milan this weekend, when they travel to Bologna to face the promoted outfit.

Maldini: I Was Scared Of Losing Kaka

Il Capitano admits he was dreading the news of Kaka leaving following a turbulent week for the club...

Milan legend Paolo Maldini has revealed his own nightmare scenario regarding the Kaka to Manchester City saga.

The deal which was supposed to see the Brazilian move to the Premier League side was scuppered at the final minute by Milan president Silvio Berlusconi.

Kaka will continue to to play at San Siro, much to the relief of the captain. Maldini did fear losing Kaka, but he is delighted with the outcome.

"There was a moment where I was scared of losing him," Maldini told Datasport.

"I wasn't expecting all this, but luckily it all ended well."

"I am surprised for Milan in general, but the passion is there. The fans showed this and Ricky stayed as a result.

"He is a great player and he has an effect on everyone in general."

The atmosphere around Milan is of relief as reports suggest the Brazilian was on the verge of leaving.

Berlusconi: I Told Kaka To Stay

AC Milan president Silvio Berlusconi insists his words helped Kaka make-up his mind over the Manchester City saga...

Berlusconi: I Told Kaka To Stay

Milan president Silvio Berlusconi has revealed that he didn't push Kaka to sign for Manchester City, but he did play a part in convincing the Brazilian to stay.

The Brazilian attacking-midfielder was on the verge of leaving San Siro for Eastlands on Monday night before Berlusconi claims he showed his hand to ruin the deal.

Reports have been rife with speculation over who exactly said no to the move. Berlusconi insists his words played a part in influencing Kaka to stay.

"I didn't say a single word to push him to City, but what I did say was enough to convince him to remain [with Milan]," Berlusconi told La Gazzetta Dello Sport.

"I am really happy that Kaka is still in Milan as he has shown that he not someone who just looks at the money, but someone who has principles and values, such as the attachment to the Milan shirt.

"He also has the recognition of the club and president who launched his career."

Shevchenko Advised Kaka About Manchester City

Andriy Shevchenko has revealed today that it was he who advised Kaka to stay put in Italy...

Shevchenko Advised Kaka About Manchester City

The lengthy saga that has alternately seemed to fascinate, disgust, amaze and appall observers seemed finally to end today, with Kaka staying put at Milan. One player who didn't enjoy much success himself in the Premier League has hinted today that he helped advise Kaka to stay with Milan.

Andriy Shevchenko today said that Kaka "did the right thing" in rejecting City's approach with its stratospheric fees and wages, and after the deal collapsed last night he hinted that Kaka was never likely to move.

"He did the right thing and I did not fear Milan would lose him," Shevchenko is reported as saying by Channel 4.

"I knew from the start what choice Ricardo would make. We had spoken about it a great deal."

Shevchenko himself moved from AC Milan, where he is considered something of an icon, to Chelsea in 2006 for £30 million, where, it's fair to say, he flopped, netting only nine times in 47 appearances for the Pensioners.

The Ukrainian was coy about the specifics of anything he might have told Kaka though.

"I cannot say if he asked me advice. He asked me many things… Besides, our situations were different, certainly," Shevchenko added.

"I think he made a choice with his heart. With him Milan will get even stronger."

Antonini Believes Fans Swayed Kaka To Stay With Milan

Milan defender Luca Antonini believes the fans' affection played a major role in Kaka's decision to stay with the Rossoneri...

Antonini Believes Fans Swayed Kaka To Stay With Milan
The Kaka transfer saga has finally come to an end with the Brazilian attacker opting to stay with Milan.

Rossoneri defender Luca Antonini is thankful that the Brazilian player will remain with the club and believes that the fans had plenty to do with his ultimate decision.

"I think that Ricky [Kaka]'s choice was because of the fans, because he saw all of their affection. I had never seen a display like that before," the 26-year-old revealed, according to Tuttomercatoweb.

"There were many people in front of his house singing and seven million people sent him notes of warmth and friendliness."

It's been suggested that Kaka would have earned much more than he does with Milan had he moves to Eastlands and that some of his family would have preferred he accepted the move.

"Money is important, but not everything. he already earns so much," claimed Antonini. "Now, I have seen that he is quiet, relaxed, and happy. He's already lived through all this tension. It was not an easy choice, as it involves the fate of his family."

Antonini has made six appearances in Serie A for Milan this season.

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Cook: Kaka's dad got too greedy

Garry Cook claims the decision to lure Kaka to Manchester City boiled down to money - and says the AC Milan forward's father was greedy.

Manchester City executive chairman Cook and the City delegation flew home from Milan on Monday night having failed to land the Brazilian from Milan.

City feel Milan simply 'bottled it,' becoming suddenly aware of the scale of unrest the decision would cause among the Rossoneri.

Cook claimed: "We truly believe Kaka is a humanitarian of the highest order.

"We would have put resources there to help build his foundation and send a message to global football about what great players can do.

"Kaka has the capability to be the next global ambassador for the game.

"But his father (Bosco Leite) just wanted an offer. He did not want to sit and talk about the rest of the stuff.

"He used the term 'it is not just about money'. It's ironic that it was."

The presence of three City lawyers at the talks surrounding the Brazilian's future emphasised the complexity of what was being proposed.

Cook estimates Kaka has 20 personal sponsorship deals, all tied in to his commitment to AC Milan. City knew, if agreement could be reached with the player and his club, those individual deals would all require negotiation.

Either the transfer just became too complicated or Leite was not prepared for the groundwork Cook and his team had done.

Cook explained: "It was just too sophisticated. Bosco does not have a lawyer so when we asked whether we could see the contracts to know what we were dealing with, he just said 'show me the offer'. It was very frustrating."

It could be argued Cook got his strategy wrong, having also missed out on Ronaldinho last summer following an equally protracted courtship,

However, he said: "I look at myself. I look in the mirror and say 'is it us?'.

"I truly believe that as a business with a core of football, our owners and investors would expect us, when that level of investment is applied, to have a good business case.

"Over the five-year period, if everything went well, we would show a return on the investment and satisfy the needs of the fans, financial community and employees.

"It was all coming together but when we got down to it, the father just wanted to know how much we were going to pay him."

Cook added: "Milan bottled it. They lost their nerve. They had agreed to sell their prize possession and we had agreed to buy him."

Despite the rejection, Cook insists City have moved forward as a club just by getting round a table with an institution like Milan to discuss the potential purchase of one of the best players in the world.

"We are undeterred," he said. "We will keep plugging on. This club has been around a long time and my job is to keep putting us at the table.

"Maybe we are not quite ready yet. But I truly believe we are going on a journey.

"It is a shame because if the player had been able to come with us that journey may have been accelerated by a couple of years. But it doesn't deter us from what we are trying to do.

"If we don't get Kaka it is not the end of the world. We got Craig Bellamy."

Meanwhile, Milan vice-president Adriano Galliani was understandably pleased the player rejected an offer to almost double his wages.

He said:

"The heart has prevailed against reason - yet again we have to thank (owner, Silvio) Berlusconi.

"The financial sacrifice has fallen on him as he has made a huge act of love for this club.

"It was a strong temptation, a stratospheric world-record sum.

"We have turned down a huge sum, that in any case would have been used to make other signings. Had Kaka left, we would have brought to Milan other champions.

"Kaka didn't even want to wait for the final offer which would have been much higher than what he currently gets at Milan, almost double.

"Without Kaka, it would have been another Milan. We have simply grown accustomed to his magic.

"He has something special and he is a great example for youngsters."

AC Milan coach Carlo Ancelotti added: "I am truly delighted.

"With this decision, we have had further demonstration that Milan is a special club.

"It's a family, where everyone is well and no one wants to leave.

"The fans were fantastic, they made Kaka understand how important he is for Milan.

"The show of affection at the San Siro on Saturday night was touching.

"Those are things you don't forget.

"When you feel the love of the people and if you have a heart, and Kaka has a big one, you obviously take that into account."