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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Football Boy Genuis Pato The Duck Hope to score against Inter

I Hope To Play And Score Against Inter - Pato

Young AC Milan striker Alexandre Pato hopes to make his return against Inter next weekend and get on the scoresheet as well.

In recent weeks he's been on the sidelines much more often than at the start of his adventure with Milan, mostly due to the great form of Filippo Inzaghi, but now Alexandre Pato is ready to take back his place in the Rossoneri's attack. The 18-year-old wunderkind has always shown impressive things when he was given the chance to play, and has scored a number of goals in important matches.
Of course, they don't come much more important than this weekend's derby against Inter, as Pato agrees: "The derby is a big game. I think I will play, and if I do I always hope to score, helping Milan to win, and then celebrate with the heart gesture."
Asked how he is doing at the moment, the striker said: "I'm happy, but I'll be happier if we finish fourth and earn a place in the Champions League.
"My dream? That is to become a great player, win the Golden Ball and become a great champion with Milan.
"My idol is still Ronaldo, he's a great friend. He's calm now. Now he only has to think about curing his knee, he has to improve and go back to playing football."

Danilo Pochini

Rafa Hoping United Face Punishment

Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez has insisted he looks forward to seeing if the FA are as harsh on Manchester United for their involvement in the Chelsea fracas as they were with Javier Mascherano after his Old Trafford outburst.

Mascherano famously talked himself into a second booking in an infamous first half at Old Trafford earlier this season, and upon seeing red, the Argentine lost his temper and began remonstrating with officials, eventually needing to be restrained by several of Liverpool personnel, with Benitez himself eventually dragging him to one side and having a word with him.The player was duly fined and handed a three-match ban.This Saturday, after United's 2-1 loss at Chelsea, substitutes were warming down on the pitch when there was an altercation with the ground staff, after the players ran through the penalty area, which is forbidden in the FA's regulations regarding a warm-down.After refusing to move when asked, it is currently alleged that Patrice Evra was the victim of racial abuse, which sparked a brawl between the ground staff and the United players, which required stewards to intervene.Benitez is hoping that justice is served, with the United players receiving a similar punishment to that of Mascherano's.

"Hopefully the FA will have the same approach as they did when they had the case of Mascherano," said Benitez regarding the incident."They set out then to give an example to all the kids watching, to show what behavior in football must be like."I will now watch their decisions about what happened after the game at Stamford Bridge on Saturday to see what they do this time."

Chet Winter